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Cable Accessories & Apparatus

ABB Installation Products power and high voltage products address the constant need for improved electric power efficiency and reliability with continuous reductions in installation, maintenance and  operating costs.

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Underground and Industrial Cable Connectors

Our Elastimold® and Russellstoll® products provide the most complete array of materials to manage underground and industrial cable connections, from transmission joints to distribution elbows, joints, terminations, arresters and pin and sleeve connectors.

Underground Switchgear     

Elastimold switchgear, from the company that developed the first completely solid dielectric underground switching line, is compact enough to fit through a manhole and is maintenance-free, modular, field-upgradeable, and environmentally friendly.

High Voltage Switches   

Joslyn Hi-Voltage® capacitor switches improve electrical system efficiency by helping maintain a healthy power factor, reducing the need to add new generation and transmission infrastructure.

Find Problems Faster  

Our Fisher Pierce® indicators and sensors improve power system reliability by finding faults faster while measuring voltage and current for informed reconfiguration decisions.