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Elastimold Molded Switches & Switchgear

Elastimold® switchgear, the industry’s first completely solid dielectric line, is compact enough to fit through a manhole, maintenance-free, modular, field upgradeable, and environmentally friendly.


Learn how Elastimold helps secure stable electric service for Mexico City’s iconic front door


Compact for Handling Ease:  Elastimold switchgear is compact, and its modular designs and small footprint permit field assembly ilnside tight vaults. 

No Oil, No Gas:  Because Elastimold insulates with EPDM, the switchgear is maintenance free and environmentally friendly. 

Field Upgradable:  As changes are required by Smart Grid and other innovations, relax — Elastimold switchgear is field upgradable. 

Fully Submersible:  Elastimold switchgear is submersible, and it can be installed, as required, in any position.