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Kindorf Modular Metal Framing System

With the Kindorf® Channel System, all parts fit together all the time, minimizing labor and materials and maximizing flexibility in field applications.


Use the entire section: You are not limited to using only the open-slot side because holes line up on channel and fittings.  Using the scribe marks ensures the fittings will work and a straight cut is made.

Eliminate Drilling and Welding: The holes are already there and they are all usable. Back-to-back , side-to-side, side-to-back - all combinations can be made using B-995 Kindorf channel.

Reduce Waste: Scribe marks on Kindorf are a valuable length and cutting guide, and the hole position ensures balanced support for trapezes on every piece, keeping waste to an absolute minimum.

Fittings on Both Sides: Kindorf fittings may be fastened to the channel on either the bolt-hole or the slot side for maximum versatility.