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Red•Dot® Extra-Duty Code Keeper® Universal While-In-Use Covers

Red•Dot® Code Keeper® Universal While-In-Use Covers from Thomas & Betts now meet National Electric Code® (NEC®) requirements for extra-duty applications, as well as receptacle installation in wet locations. The covers comply with Section 406.9 (B) (1) and 590.4 (D) (2) for extra-duty outlet box hoods, which is now required for any installation other than one- or two-family dwellings.  

Features include the following:

Preconfigured for GFCI with adapter plates to accommodate single or duplex receptacles and switches;

Available in a range of cover depths and receptacle configurations for almost every common plug and cord size;

Most sizes include keyhole mounts for the back to make installation quick and efficient; 

Combination box or device-mounting design provides flexibility in installation;

Durable latching covers prevent accidental equipment disconnects, reduce tampering and deter theft;

Lockable covers comply with OSHA lockout/tagout requirements;

Clearly visible UL® and CSA markings for easy inspection and speedy approval; 

Two adapter plates are included with single-gang covers and four adapter plates are included with two-gang covers.

Please contact your electrician or electrical contractor to have one of the products above installed in your home. Many Red•Dot products are also available at your local home center.