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App Features

News Feed:  Click through the links to read more about our newest product offerings and company news. Located at the bottom of the home page.

Literature Accessibility: Throughout T&B Mobile are literature offerings - from brochures and specification sheets to catalogs and installation instructions. A proprietary PDF viewer allows you to navigate quickly to the spot you are looking for in literature through the thumbnail view. You can even email the collateral to yourself or a client, or print it on the spot with an available wifi printer*.

Favorites: The favorites folder, located at the top right of the app, is where you can store up to 30 pieces of literature saved as you navigate throughout the app. Once there, you can view it or email it to yourself or a client. There is a trash can located inside for your convenience when it is time to clean up your folder to make room for new literature.

Markets:  Navigate through to all of product offerings tailored for each of our Vertical Markets - from Chemical Processing to Water/Wastewater. Each Vertical Market also contains a "Solution" tab for even more tailored product suggestions, such as those recommended specifically for corrosion and  extreme temperature conditions to parts that will help decrease your total project cost. In addition, the markets also contain downloadable PDF literature for further reference.

Solutions: Like the Market section, our Solutions button offers products tailored to work and withstand various environments - from those designed to protect electrical equipment from liquids, to products that focus on providing a safe environment free from contamination for all of your assets, including your employees. There are also PDFs available for download in the Solutions section.

Products:  The Products button leads you to all ten of our product categories, from Boxes and Covers to Wire Termination. Once you select a category, you are then taken to a page where you can drill down to your specific needs in each category with buttons that lead to our specific brand selections. The navigation is quick and will lead you to the specific part you are looking for in our online catalog. Relevant literature, from brochures to specification sheets and even videos, are also available on the product pages.

Channels: Since 1940, successful distributors have partnered with T&B to provide a higher level of customer service and achieve greater profitability.  We call our preferred distributor program "Signature Service" because it is the result of a strong commitment on both sides. Find out more about this valuable program on this tab, including how to get on board.

Tools: Our tools button is a fast track to features offered throughout the app, from literature to important websites. You can also pull up all of the T&B market and product videos from here, as well as access our barcode scanner. All of the links are public with the exception of the T&B Access link which is for internal use only .

Videos: The Videos tab displays all of our market and product videos. Once you watch a video for the first time, it is automatically downloaded the to your iPad for faster viewing in the future.  

Barcode Scanner:  Located behind the Tools button, the barcode scanner allows the user to scan a T&B package barcode and navigate to that product in our online catalog. The scanner  can also be used to scan QR codes, as well.

*Check the printer list on the following link to see if your printer is supported.