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Off the shelf products are not always the optimum solution for termination issues that pop up on the job and in the workshop. Finding the right solution can be complicated. ABB Installation Products can solve your difficult wire bending and terminating problems faced in confined power distribution panels, switchgear and motor control enclosures. We have the design and production capability to deliver exactly the type of lug you need, modified to meet your exacting specifications. ABB Installation Products' extensive line of Blackburn Compression lugs offer many options and the configurator allows you to draw it up before we ship it out.
  • #8 AWG through 1000 kcmil flex and code cables
  • Lug tongues modified for many bend angles in 15° increments
  • Narrow tongue lugs
  • Offset tongues available to stack 2 cables on the same bolt or stud
  • Special stud hole drilling
  • Belled-end styles
  • Various plating finishes and base materials
  • Inspection hole and banding preferences
  • Your exact arrangement of the diameter and number of stud holes
  • All modified lugs meet or exceed all UL and CSA requirements
  • All modified lugs are best installed with genuine T&B tools and dies

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