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European Brands

At Thomas & Betts, our focus is on improving your business performance by providing practical, reliable electrical products & services that connect & protect your people, critical power, data and processes and solve everyday problems in the area’s of Wire & Cable Management, Cable Protection, Power Connection & Control and Safety.

Whether you are designing, installing, operating, maintaining or owning an office building, off- shore platform, hospital, or a high speed train, power generating plant, machine equipment or a manufacturing facility, Thomas & Betts engineered products fit and function in your application while providing superior performance, sustainability, and value throughout the project life cycle.

Beyond trusted brands like Ty-Rap, Sta-Kon, PMA, Adaptaflex, Kopex-Ex, Joslyn and Emergilite, Thomas & Betts also offers a range of premium brands designed for the local European markets including brands such as Kaufel, VanLien, Furse and Royce Thompson.