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Electric receptacles that plug into the way you live

You probably don’t think much about electrical outlets. But you should know that there is a whole new generation of receptacle wall boxes and accessories that can make your life easier - and safer. Here are just a few of the more interesting functional electrical wall boxes that are now available:

  • Carlon Retractable Work Surface Receptacle

    Carlon Retractable Work Surface Receptacle

     The Carlon® Retractable Work Surface Receptacle offers the convenience and safety of placing an electrical outlet on a work surface, where most electronic devices are used. When the outlet is not in use, it can be recessed below the work surface by pushing down on its cover; the outlet becomes accessible by pulling up the integral grip on its cover. The receptacle can be mounted easily with the holesaw provided. No wiring is required, as a six-foot cord connects the receptacle to an existing outlet.

  • Red Dot While-In-Use Covers

    High and Dry

    Everybody knows that water and electricity don’t mix. As Americans continue a trend of moving their living space outdoors – even having full kitchens poolside – there’s a growing need to have safe electrical service that is weatherproof. The Red•Dot® While-in-use Covers provide waterproof protection while the appliance is plugged in, and are the first products to comply with the new National Electrical Code® (NEC®) and UL® requirements for weatherproof enclosures.

  • Carlon Recessed Work Plate

    Get It Together

    Wall-mounted, flat-screen televisions look great, but don’t peek behind them at the wiring; chances are there’s a nightmare of outlets and cables. The Carlon Recessed Work Plate is an innovative way of organizing this wiring to make an attractive, organized installation. The Carlon Recessed Work Plate also has an exclusive template feature that facilitates the accurate cutting of the box opening.

  • Carlon Draft Tight Box

    Energy Efficient

    You may not know this, but there are now energy ratings for new homes similar to the energy ratings on appliances. Carlon has introduced a new Draft-Tight Non-Metallic Box that incorporates a drywall flange covered with a foam gasket to provide a draft-tight seal. This helps improve the efficiency of the heating and air conditioning system. Be sure to tell your builder about this easy-to-install, energy-saving device - it will save him time, and save you money.

Please contact your electrician or electrical contractor to have one of the products at right installed in your home. Many Carlon and Red•Dot products are also available at your local home center