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Steel City® 5 SQUARE® Boxes - It's Time for an Upgrade!


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Product Specifications

Increase Capacity for Low Voltage Cabling.
5 SQUARE® boxes offer more than double the cubic-inch capacity of 4-inch square deep boxes and 50% greater capacity than 4-11/16" boxes, making it faster and easier to route wiring and make terminations in the box. Cable management posts ensure minimum bend radius requirements for high speed data cables.

Save Labor.
When terminating data cables, turn a two-man job into a one-man job by storing the slack cable loop in the box for easy access - eliminating the need for a second technician to access the drop ceiling space where the cable loop is typically stored.

Reduce troubleshooting for Fire Alarm Devices.
The extra room in the 5 SQUARE® box dramatically reduces the likelihood of ground faults and short circuits when installing large fire alarm devices.