When the reliable connection and intelligent control
of electrical power are necessities, the Thomas &
Betts Power Connection and Control range offers a
wide selection of products. From 120V to 230kV, our
products are specified worldwide in the industrial,
construction and utility markets.
Power Quality,
Efficiency & Reliability
Grounding Fittings
Industrial UPS Systems
• Developed to UL
standards and designed
for a 20-year service life
• Ranges from 10 to 150kVA, incorporating
state-of-the-art system topology for higher online
system efficiency and longer battery life
• Digital Static Transfer Switch design provides
increased redundancy and reliability
Industrial UPS Systems
Cable Accessories
• A full line of loadbreak and deadbreak separable
connectors, cable joints and cable terminations
• Developed for 5 to 35kV distribution systems
Grounding & Bonding
High-Quality Flexible Connectors
• A wide variety of grounding straps and accessories
for grounding applications
• Extra-flexible links for heavy-duty applications
up to 3600A
• Standard flexible links for medium-duty applications
up to 2350A
Grounding and bonding are achieved in many ways.
Thomas & Betts provides Grounding & Bonding
products that can meet exothermic, compression
and mechanical requirements. A ground is a critical
part of an electrical system. In some cases,
redundant grounds are used to ensure operations
are not interrupted.
Grounding Fittings
• Malleable iron construction with tapered hub threads
• Many include Revolver
ground ring
• Straight, 45° angle and 90° angle versions available
Flexible Connectors
Cable Accessories
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