Hazardous Location Protection
Interlocked Receptacles
During the years 1990–2001, more than 975 reported
fires occurred in the U.S. mining industry, causing
over 470 injuries, 6 fatalities and the temporary
closing of several mines.* A large number of metals
and mining processing personnel are in danger of
being killed or permanently disabled because of
exposure to many different hazardous sources
inherent in these industries.
The National Electrical Code
) defines
hazardous locations as areas where the possibility
of explosion and fire is created by the presence
of flammable gases, vapors, dust, fibers or flyings.
In metals and mining facilities, hazardous locations
include areas where substances in suspension, mine
gases or fuels and chemicals may be present.
To protect both your facility and your employees,
Thomas & Betts offers a wide variety of high-
performance, explosion-proof solutions designed
to prevent or contain an explosion in classified
hazardous locations.
* Source: U.S. Occupational Safety and Health,
NEC and National Electrical Code are registered trademarks of the National Fire
Protection Association, Inc.
GUP Explosion-Proof
GUP Explosion-Proof Enclosure
• Compact design is ideal for fuel pumps
• Constructed of ductile iron for superior strength
• Dust-ignition-proof, raintight and listed
for wet locations
XP Explosion-Proof Flexible Couplings
• Explosion proof and corrosion resistant for use
in hazardous and wet locations
• Ideal for making tight bends in conduit systems or
for applications subject to movement or vibration
Interlocked Receptacles
• Copper-free, cast-aluminum, epoxy-coated housing
• O-ring-sealed interior components ensure watertight
protection whether connections are mated or not
• Explosion-proof systems for 30A, 60A and 100A
XP Explosion-Proof
Flexible Couplings
Hazardous Location Lighting
• Explosion-proof fixtures for Class I, II and III
hazardous locations
• Enclosed, gasketed and rated NEMA 4X, IP66
and UL1598 for wet and marine locations
Hazardous Location
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