Industrial UPS Systems
Type A Liquidtight Flexible
Conduit and Fittings
Motor Lead Disconnects
Crimped Wire
Termination Systems
Continuous Operation & Sustainability
Mining and metallurgy plants need skilled operators
and good maintenance management to produce at
sustainable yields. But costs associated with
unscheduled downtime — replacement of ruined
equipment, idle manpower, late-penalty fees, rental
equipment expenses and intangibles for dissatisfied
customers — can add up quickly.
To avoid cost-prohibitive unscheduled downtime
and to enforce safe and environmentally friendly
production, most metals and mining facilities choose
higher performing electrical materials and products
to boost plant availability. Thomas & Betts offers the
following solutions to sustain continuous operation
safely and at high yields:
• Long-lasting electrical systems to optimize lifecycle costs
and capital expenditures
• High-performance electrical systems to withstand harsh
environments and increase operational equipment
effectiveness (OEE)
• Installation training certification to help ensure plant
• Qualified technicians to assist you in quickly getting your
plant back online
• Product solutions to standardize your electrical system
and ensure that you have the required products available
at your local supplier when you need them
Type A Liquidtight Flexible Non-Metallic Conduit
with Non-Metallic or Stainless Steel Fittings
• Ideal for continuous flexing or vibration applications
• Creates a liquid-, dust- and oil-tight seal
• Suitable for operating temperatures from -20˚ to 60˚ C
Industrial UPS Systems
• Developed to UL
standards and designed
for a 20-year service life
• Ranges from 10 to 150kVA, incorporating
state-of-the-art system topology for higher
online system efficiency and longer battery life
Crimped Wire Termination Systems
• Metal insulation grip sleeve included
on all nylon terminals for strain relief
• Long barrel selectively annealed
• UL
Listed and CSA Certified
Motor Lead Disconnects
• Quick and easy change-out of electric motors —
with no bolting, taping or loose connections
• UL
Listed to 600V, 125˚ C
• Available for wire sizes up to 500 kcmil
• Featuring the Color-Keyed
Compression System
that ensures proper connections
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