Challenge and commitment.
Today’s metals and mining operations must remain
competitive and profitable while facing:
• Price volatility and global economic uncertainty
• Challenges to find quality resources
• Resource nationalism
• Labor and regulatory concerns
• Risks to — and from — the environment
As new mining, processing and metallurgical equipment
with complex and sensitive electrical systems controls
and automation replaces older equipment, MRO
expenses are rising with increasing maintenance time,
technical support and power costs. Metals and mining
operations require a high sustainability level from their
electrical systems, because any kind of shutdown can
be costly.
Mining and metallurgy workers, machinery and
processing equipment are often deployed in remote
locations and harsh environments. The industrial
processes involved with metals and mining operations
are strongly dependent on the use of natural resources
that need to be conserved. In order to maintain
profitability in the today’s volatile market — and
meet labor, political and environmental challenges
— operations must minimize costs while maximizing
availability, quality, flexibility and throughput.
The metals and mining market is also driven by the
demand to find quality resources, which are becoming
more and more difficult to find. Operations demand
uptime from electrical systems to meet not only demand
for base and precious metals, but a mix of products as
well. If your operation frequently experiences downtime
and can’t meet that demand, globalization will cause
customers to seek an operator who can.
Government regulation is also a major concern.
Resource nationalism, a term that describes a country’s
government asserting control over its natural resources
from a metals or mining operation, looms as a threat
in some parts of the world. Other risks also exist in the
political landscape, such as permitting and taxation
volatility. Increasingly stringent safety and environmental
standards must also be addressed, and Thomas & Betts
solutions can help you meet these regulatory demands
and continue operations.
Thomas & Betts provides electrical system solutions to
metals and mining operations that:
• Minimize operation and maintenance costs
• Maximize plant availability and throughput
• Ensure safety for personnel, machinery, materials
and property
• Conserve natural resources and reduce emissions
• Save energy
Our solutions enable metals and mining operators to
increase sustainability, meet market demand, comply
with safety and environmental regulations and enhance
Mineral Processing
Metals & Mining Applications
Water Treatment
Power & Lighting
Material Handling
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