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Steel City
Online Prefabricator
Online Configurator
Thomas & Betts
Mobile Solutions Team
Thomas & Betts
Update Training
Certification Training
Thomas & Betts provides services and training in the
field or classroom to help you maximize efficiency and
eliminate wasted time and materials on the jobsite.
• The QTP program provides a guaranteed two-week
shipment of Blackburn
• Online Configurator enables special connectors to
be designed with a guaranteed two-week shipment
• Product specification specialists and the Mobile
Solutions team are available nationwide to train in
the proper use and installation of Blackburn
• Inside Tech Support group provides 24/7/365
expertise for Blackburn
• Full tool service as well as loaner and tool
leasing programs
• Online Prefabricator design tool provides drawings,
DXF files, pricing and cataloging of custom-designed
rough-in electrical support systems
• Onsite installation training provides a review and
hands-on practice of clamping, cutting, threading,
assembling and repairing the Ocal
conduit system
• Training also extends warranty from two to five years
on a system installed by a certified contractor
• Thermographic scanning
• Power quality survey
• Site coordination
• Pre-installation consultation
• Commission support
• Battery analysis and refresh
• BCM retrofit services
• Load bank test
• Breaker coordination studies
• Arc flash studies
• Multi-vendor UPS services
• Multi-vendor emergency lighting service
• Multi-vendor HVAC/CRAC service
• Free online CAD Library for downloadable 2D and
3D models in more than 90 native CAD file formats
Update Training provides an overview of the
latest changes to the National Electrical Code
• Grounding & Bonding Training covers design, layout
and connections
Additional Services & Training
NEC and National Electrical Code are registered trademarks
of the National Fire Protection Association, Inc.
• Power & High Voltage Field Service group provides
field maintenance for Joslyn Hi-Voltage
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