Total Project Cost Reduction
Steel City
Prefabricated Electrical
Rough-In Solutions
The single largest expense for an electrical contractor
on any commercial construction project is labor. While it
is important to have experienced electricians installing
sophisticated electrical systems, much of their time is
spent on labor-intensive rough-in tasks, assembling the
thousands of components that come together in a wall or
ceiling to route, terminate, support and protect a complex
commercial or institutional electrical system. Material-
handling aspects — getting all of the components to the
proper location on the jobsite — can be a time-consuming,
labor-intensive process as well. Thomas & Betts offers
innovative solutions to reduce installation costs.
Steel City
Prefabricated Electrical
Rough-In Solutions
Prefabricated Rough-In Assemblies
• Labor Savings
— Custom-designed assemblies of
components can save over 50% on your in-wall rough-
in installation costs
• Material Savings
— Special ARRA and Buy-America
assemblies reduce overall material costs by up to 40%
• Logistics Savings
— Project-specific packaging,
labeling and just-in-time direct deliveries the day
needed cut material-handling and inventory costs
• Reduced Waste
— Pre-assembled, palletized
components reduce onsite packaging and waste
• Process Improvements
— Steel City
Prefabricator lets
you design, manage, quote and order your own in-wall
rough-in electrical systems specific for your project
ENT (Electrical Non-Metallic Tubing) System
• Cut installation time as compared to rigid PVC conduit
• Material-handling savings with lightweight, flexible coils
• Time savings with quick connect fittings
Compression Connectors
• Featuring the Color-Keyed
Compression System
that ensures proper connections
• Design/quote/order custom lugs easily using the
Online Configurator to meet the needs of any project
— with guaranteed two-week shipment
• Boost efficiency with fewer crimps that yield
superior terminations
Modular Metal
Framing System
ENT System
Modular Metal Framing System
• Labor Savings
— Unique punched framing channels
and innovative hardware products cut installation time
by over 40% over typical mechanical framing systems
• Material and Inventory Savings
— Unique 1½" design
requires fewer fittings, lowering jobsite inventory
• Reduced Waste
— Integral and easy-to-use
measuring system means exact cuts and less scrap
• Sustainable Finish
— Galv-Krom
trivalent finish
offers more than double the corrosion resistance
of pre-galvanized product and won’t form white rust
when stored outdoors
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