PVC-Coated Solutions
The comprehensive line of Ocal
products provides a systems solution
for superior corrosion-resistant protection and ease of wiring in conduit
applications. All Ocal
products meet or exceed applicable industry
ratings or specifications. Look for the distinctive T&B blue color.
Conduit, Couplings and Conduit Bodies
FS/FD Device Boxes and Covers
• Ocal
Liquidtight Fittings
• Ocal
Large-Radius Elbows
• Ocal
XJG Expansion Couplings
T&B Engineered system solutions
for civil infrastructure applications
Aluminum Solutions
Aluminum provides the advantages of high strength-to-weight
ratio, superior resistance to certain corrosive environments and
ease of installation. Aluminum typically weighs about 50% less
than steel and requires no maintenance after installation.
• Conduit, cable and cord fittings
• Cable tray
• Framing channels, hardware and accessories
• Vaportight lighting
When it comes to corrosion-resistant materials to support,
connect and protect civil infrastructure, Thomas & Betts has
you covered with a complete solution, whether you prefer
aluminum, PVC-coated, non-metallic or stainless steel.
Non-Metallic Solutions
The T&B
Fittings brand includes non-metallic cord and cable
connectors, while the Carlon
brand from Thomas & Betts
encompasses one of the most comprehensive lines of PVC
conduit and fittings available in the industry.
• Expansion fittings
• Cord and cable connectors
• Conduit outlet bodies and Schedule 40 and 80 elbows
• Couplings, adapters and accessories
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