Power quality and reliability issues are keys to the
successful delivery of energy. Power blackouts
and brownouts can have serious economic
consequences. Poor power quality, for example,
affects computers and other sensitive equipment.
What’s more, keeping security systems operational
is also essential with the escalating threat of
When the reliable connection and intelligent control
of electrical power are necessities, our wide
product selection maintains and improves power
quality, efficiency and reliability. From 120V to
230kV, our solutions are specified worldwide in
the industrial, construction and utility markets.
Power Quality, Efficiency & Reliability
Joslyn Hi-Voltage
Vacuum Switch
Industrial UPS Systems
Vacuum Switch
• Completely sealed, long-life vacuum switch
• Operational life of 50,000 open/close
maintenance-free operations
• Replace maintenance-intensive oil switches
• Maximizes bank uptime and improves power quality
Industrial UPS Systems
• Developed to UL
standards and designed
for a 20-year service life
• Ranges from 10 to 150kVA, incorporating
state-of-the-art system topology for higher online
system efficiency and longer battery life
• Digital Static Transfer Switch design provides
increased redundancy and reliability
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