Grounding & Bonding
Grounds from a battery, engine, switch-panel
negative bus bar, bonding system, auxiliary power
generator, underwater ground plate, a ship’s 120V
safety ground and LORAN signal ground all meet at
one point. This point must be a heavy bus bar or
bracket with bolted connections.
Thomas & Betts Grounding & Bonding products
meet exothermic, compression and mechanical
requirements. A ground is a critical part of an
electrical system. In some extreme cases,
redundant grounds are used to ensure services and
operations are not disrupted and that equipment
and personnel safety are not put at risk.
High-Quality Flexible Connectors
• A wide variety of grounding straps and accessories
for grounding applications
• Extra-flexible links for heavy-duty applications
up to 3600A
• Standard flexible links for medium-duty applications
up to 2350A
Compression Connectors
• High-conductivity copper and bronze enable
connections for direct burial, OEM or telecomm
• Featuring the Color-Keyed
Compression System
that ensures proper connections
Mechanical Grounding Connectors
• High-strength split-bolt connectors for copper-
to-copper connections
• Service post connectors for steel structures, fence
posts or transformers using one or two cables
• ViceLock
connectors for cable tray, channel
and strut applications
Compression Connectors
Mechanical Grounding
Flexible Connectors
Grounding Fittings
Grounding Fittings
• Malleable iron construction with tapered hub threads
• Many include Revolver
ground ring
• Straight, 45° angle and 90° angle versions available
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