Challenge and commitment.
Those responsible for maintenance of our
nation’s infrastructure include government agencies,
transportation administration officials, civil engineers
and contractors. Among the challenges they face are:
• Reduced budgets
• Lower gasoline taxes dedicated to infrastructure
• Government’s commitment to maintaining
infrastructure and current funding
• Strict regulatory restrictions on expansions
Transportation systems and public utilities are
essential for the economic vitality of our businesses
and communities, the conservation of fuel and other
natural resources and the comfort and safety of
residents and visitors.
On the most basic level, every community requires
access to clean water and sanitary waste disposal.
At a higher level, mass transit infrastructure is needed
to move people and goods from one area to another.
At a higher level, mass transit infrastructure is needed
to move people and goods from one area to another.
The highway system is a key component to civil
defense. If the infrastructure is poorly constructed
and maintained, it could lead to a devastating loss
of life, property and business.
Today’s project management emphasizes the Total Cost
Concept, which factors in maintenance, replacement
and downtime cost. In a critical transportation
environment, the impact of maintenance and downtime
costs is even higher.
Thomas & Betts realizes the importance of the Total
Cost Concept and ensures well-engineered labor-
saving products through critical tests at every stage of
manufacturing. Our goal is to be the brand of choice
for the end user of our products. We are committed
to developing more solutions for civil infrastructure,
staying current with the latest available technology
and remaining competitive.
Thomas & Betts provides electrical solutions that
help you:
• Keep operations running
• Optimize operation and maintenance costs
• Maintain a safe environment
• Operate within budget
These solutions enable infrastructure professionals
to save money, ensure transportation safety and keep
America moving.
Civil Infrastructure Applications
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