Continuous Operation & Sustainability
Industrial UPS
Type A Liquidtight Flexible
Conduit and Fittings
Highways, rail and marine transportation sectors must
contend with vibration and movement. Thomas &
Betts offers several solutions to help systems
maintain service levels, such as T&B
Fittings for
Expansion and Expansion/Deflection, Carlon
Expansion Fittings and Ocal
PVC-Coated Conduits,
Fittings and Accessories. These items are used on
bridges and roadways to provide movement and
flexibility at seams and transition points. In addition,
our Kindorf
and Superstrut
brands of framing are
used in seismic bracing designs.
Airports require a constant power supply to service
radar and communications. Cyberex
UPS systems
ensure the continued operation of critical air traffic
control. Our Amerace
brand is the world leader
in the design and manufacture of isolating
transformers, connector kits and cable assemblies
for airfield lighting.
Type A Liquidtight Flexible Non-Metallic Conduit
with Non-Metallic or Stainless Steel Fittings
• Ideal for continuous flexing or vibration applications
• Create a liquid-, dust- and oil-tight seal
• Suitable for operating temperatures from -20° to 60° C
Industrial UPS Systems
• Developed to UL
standards and designed
for a 20-year service life
• Ranges from 10 to 150kVA, incorporating
state-of-the-art system topology for higher online
system efficiency and longer battery life
• Digital Static Transfer Switch design provides
increased redundancy and reliability
Motor Lead Disconnects
Pin-and-Sleeve Connectors
• Not just watertight, but waterproof, mated or unmated
• Tested to 1000 psi for washdown applications
• Full line of 20–60A (600VAC/250VDC max.) connectors,
plugs and receptacles in UL94V-0 flammability-rated,
corrosion-resistant, non-metallic housings
Cable Accessories
• A full line of loadbreak and deadbreak separable
connectors, cable joints and cable terminations
• Developed for 5 to 35kV distribution systems
Sleeve Connectors
Cable Accessories
Motor Lead Disconnects
• Quick, reliable change-out of electric motors with no
bolting, taping or loose connections
• Complete line of motor lead disconnects for 600V
and 5kV applications, covering wire ranges from #16
through 4/0 AWG
• Featuring the Color-Keyed
Compression System
that ensures proper connections
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