Grounding Systems
Thomas & Betts Blackburn
grounding connectors take a systems approach
to reliable grounding — from the grounding grid to power equipment and
machinery to instrumentation, providing dependable protection throughout
the facility. Optional terminating methods accommodate varying application
preferences or specifications. The Blackburn
product line includes:
• E-Z-Ground
Compression Connectors
• Mechanical Connectors
• Exothermic Connectors
Wire and Cable Management Systems
Through its Ty-Rap
brand, Thomas & Betts offers a
complete high-performance wire and cable management
system that can handle highly corrosive and extreme
temperature conditions.
• Extra-high temperature nylon cable ties
• Weather-Resistant Nylon 12 Messenger Hanger Straps
• Ergonomic installation tools and Ty-Rap Tote
Stainless Steel Solutions
For corrosion resistance combined with strength, durability
and ease of installation, stainless steel offers performance
that’s hard to match. Thomas & Betts’ complete line of stainless
steel products is designed to safeguard your electrical system
against corrosion to avoid costly downtime and repairs.
• Cable tray and cable ties
• Framing channels, hardware and accessories
• Conduit, cable and cord fittings
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