Power Quality, Efficiency & Reliability
Protect Your
Most Critical
From a data center’s clean environment to
the harshest processing plant environment,
maintaining a dependable, stable source of
electrical power is essential. But as we all know,
power disruptions occur across industries and
for a variety of reasons.
Power quality problems may originate with the
power supply coming into your facility or they
may develop from internal equipment problems.
Disruptions generally include harmonic pollution,
reactive power and/or load imbalance. Any
one of these challenges can cause significant
financial and operational consequences to your
organization. Correcting these problems can
significantly improve the reliability, process and
efficiency of your critical equipment — ensuring
it is available all the time.
The potential costs of poor power quality are
vast — from equipment failure and damage
to your most sensitive equipment, to electronic
communication interference and increased
system interruption. Needless to say, any
degradation in power quality can lead to
monetary loss and a considerable reduction in
the overall lifespan of your electrical equipment.
The loss of a single data record, for example, can
mean the permanent loss of a process batch —
or the loss of millions of dollars every minute.
By using the right technology, however, it is
possible to ensure that your power quality is more
consistent, efficient and reliable.
Power Quality: Be Your Own
First Line of Defense
In today’s technology-driven environment, the need to understand power quality and how
it influences a business and its bottom line is critical. In addition to providing products that
are specified worldwide in industrial, construction and utility markets, Thomas & Betts Power
Solutions’ portfolio offers a wide range of power quality services, including extensive instruction,
troubleshooting and guidance for you and your employees to be a first line of defense against
power quality interruptions.
From monitoring and control capabilities to overcurrent protection, to transfer switches and
UPS systems, Thomas & Betts provides power quality solutions to protect and maintain the
functionality of all your most critical electrical systems. Our solutions provide the peace of
mind that comes from knowing your equipment is safe and secure from the consequences
of unpredictable power.
Thomas & Betts Services include:
UPS Services:
Providing multi-vendor Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) services for the
critical power protection industry — specializing in start-up, preventative maintenance and
emergency response.
DC Plant Services:
Committed to providing reliability through an array of services designed
to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.
Static Switch/PDU/RPP Services:
Focused on the needs of the mission-critical environment,
such as large data centers in the financial sector — these products lead the industry in quality,
technology and functionality.
Professional Services:
Expertise developed by building and testing our products through
years of field experience. We continuously work with our design engineers to deliver innovative
solutions for your toughest power quality and reliability challenges.
Thomas & Betts Power Solutions is dedicated to providing mission-critical, power quality
products and services manufactured and marketed under the following leading brands —
, Current Technology
, Joslyn
, United Power
and JT Packard
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