Power Quality, Efficiency & Reliability
Delivering value through system solutions based
on engineering innovation.
Our Value Commitment
Thomas & Betts is committed to helping you meet the challenges of
corrosion prevention with electrical solutions, services and systems
that deliver value. These include:
T&B Engineered solutions
— Our products are designed to
perform dependably under conditions such as constant moisture,
harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, high-pressure washdown,
ultraviolet exposure, hazardous areas, high-vibration equipment and
continuous operation.
Tested reliability
— Our products are rigorously tested for use in
harsh environments, with proven results in thousands of installations.
Expert support
— Thomas & Betts trained sales representatives and
technical services experts are available at every stage of a project, from
planning and site preparation through construction and MRO.
Training and certification
— Thomas & Betts conducts training
programs on specific products and systems and works closely with
accredited electrical industry associations. Contact us for details.
Product availability
— Our industry-leading distributor network
assures you of reliable and on-time delivery. This global electrical
product support system ensures that our solutions are available when
and where you need them.
Product Platforms
For over a century, Thomas & Betts has provided customers with
electrical system solutions to help protect their people and assets,
while meeting applicable codes, lowering installed costs and providing
overall value.
Wire and Cable Management
— Thomas & Betts invented
the Ty-Rap
Cable Ties in 1958 and continues to lead the industry
in innovative wire and cable management solutions. For harsh and
corrosive environments, we offer Ty-Rap
Cable Ties in coated and
uncoated stainless steel as well as polypropylene and fluoropolymer
Cable Protection Systems
— Electrical systems exist in harsh
and corrosive environments, extreme temperatures and hazardous
locations. Thomas & Betts has engineered, tested and certified
raceway solutions for all types of wires, cables and cords, offering long
life and safe, reliable, maintenance-free performance, regardless of
environmental conditions.
Power Connection and Control
— Advanced electronic and
electrical systems require signals and controls to be extremely
accurate, consistent and reliable. Our power connection and control
system solutions make this expectation a reality for your low-,
medium- and high-voltage electrical system needs.
Safety Technology
— Thomas & Betts is a worldwide leader in
lightning and surge protection, hazardous location lighting, emergency
lighting and supporting central battery systems. We use state-of-the-
art technologies to design our electrical system solutions so they meet
global safety and reliability standards.
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