Power Quality, Efficiency & Reliability
Power Quality, Efficiency & Reliability
Surge Protection Devices
Current-Limiting Fuses
CyberWave UPS
Switchgear and Cable Accessories
• Industrial UPS systems
• Digital static transfer switches
• Power distribution systems
• Circuit management systems
• Current-limiting fuses for overhead and underground transformers
• Current-limiting fuses for capacitor banks
• More than 1300 standard configurations of
AC surge protection
• Products for facility-wide installation, prewired
units for equipment-level protection and
custom-configured solutions
Thomas & Betts provides Power Quality solutions to protect and maintain the functionality of your
electrical systems.
• Underground cable accessories rated for 5 to 35kV including elbows, joints and terminations
• Underground arresters
• Solid-dielectric no-maintenance switchgear for application in vault, riser pole and padmount
installations from 5 to 35kV
Need a UPS
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