Power Quality, Efficiency & Reliability
Faulted Circuit
Power Quality, Efficiency & Reliability
Smart Crab
Crab Connector
Switches and Reclosers
Substation Connectors
• Capacitor switches for
distribution lines and substations
• Reclosers
• Air disconnect switches
• Interruptor accessories for
air disconnect switches
• Faulted circuit indicators
• Voltage and current sensors
• Overhead and underground units available
• Furse
Grounding and Lightning Protection
Systems are designed based on British and
IEC standards
• Designed to provide superior performance
under extreme operating conditions
• Immediately identifies blown self-contained
limiters to minimize service outages
• Protects underground cables from faults
or overloads
• Capable of communicating with SCADA
systems for remote monitoring
• Provides integrated electronic
indication of limiter status
for rapid fault location
Grounding and Lightning
Protection Systems
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