Continuous Operation & Sustainability
Smart Crab
Network Connectors
Transformer Connectors
Cable Accessories
Severe storms, ice accumulations, earthquakes and
other natural disasters have the potential to wreak
havoc on transmission and distribution system
operation. Likewise, man-induced disasters such
as terrorism and hacking could put the grid at risk.
Large-scale electrical service disruptions are felt
immediately and the results of a blackout can be
devastating, particularly if restoration is not timely.
Among the consequences are:
• Interrupted or corrupted industrial processes
• Food storage concerns
• Water quality concerns
• Traffic light hazards
• Life-or-death situations
For this reason, power delivery utilities are steadfast
in their quest for continuous, sustainable operation.
Best practices like proactive vegetation management
combined with sophisticated electrical systems help
to prevent and mitigate service outages. Distribution
automation improves outage notification, fault
isolation and planning and implementation of power
reroutes and restoration, resulting in fewer and
shorter outages and greater customer satisfaction.
Burying at-risk lines and creating breakaway points
to protect power poles accelerate service recovery.
Smart Crab
Network Connectors
• Replace traditional crab joints, which use fuse links
for load protection, in underground networks
• Use current-limiting fuses for complete overcurrent
protection up to 50,000A
Provide SCADA connections to identify the exact loca-
tion of the fault and the faulted leg in the joint
Transformer Connectors
• Spade or stud mounted
• For copper and aluminum conductors to 1000 kcmil
Cable Accessories
• Elastimold
cable accessories are available from
5kV to 138kV and include solutions for protecting,
grounding, connecting, splicing and terminating
underground cable
• Starting with the first underground elbow connector
ever sold, the Elastimold
brand was and continues to
be the number one innovator of cable accessories with
pioneer products such as extended and repair elbows,
jacket seal elbows and shrink-fit joints to name a few
Outdoor Fastening System
• Reduces lost time, accidents and downtime
• Faster installation
• Minimum 20-year outdoor life
• 200-lb. minimum tensile
• Made to size or cut to length
Fastening System
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