Grounding & Bonding
U-Bolt Ground Clamp
Today’s power delivery utilities have become almost
entirely dependent on electronic technologies. As a
result, the need is greater to review and upgrade
electrical systems with more emphasis on grounding
and bonding.
When a grid’s electrical systems are properly
grounded, they will absorb current surges. Ineffective
grounding can cause voltage variances that damage
electrical equipment or sensitive electronic devices,
leading to power loss and costly, unplanned
downtime. Bonding removes dangerous current from
electrically conductive materials when a ground fault
occurs. If the metal parts are not bonded to an
effective ground-fault current path, they can become
dangerously energized.
Grounding and bonding systems must continually
adapt to evolving industry standards, such as IEEE
837. Thomas & Betts provides long-lasting, code-
compliant grounding and bonding systems and the
training and technical expertise required to optimize
grid availability. Our solutions enable you to:
• Reduce failure rates
• Extend the electrical system life cycle
• Increase overall equipment effectiveness
• Reduce project costs with a complete grounding
• Ensure supplier product availability to minimize
Mechanical Grounding Connectors
• Comprehensive line of pipe, ground rod and structure
grounding solutions
• UL
Listed for direct burial applications
Compression Grounding
and Bonding Connectors
• E-Z-Ground
connectors are UL
for direct burial applications
• Range-taking products will reduce the number of
connectors and dies needed for your installation
• Featuring the Color-Keyed
Compression System
that ensures proper connections
Exothermic Grounding Solutions
• Self-contained method of forming high-quality
electrical connections
• Require no external power or heat source
and are completely portable
• Will withstand repeated fault currents
without loosening
Exothermic Grounding
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