Thomas & Betts products
for services & training
•Mechanical Connectors, Compression Lugs
and Connectors, Exothermic Grounding Systems
•Motor Lead Disconnects
•Automatic Splices for Overhead Lines
• Ergonomic Compression Tools
•Solid-Dielectric Distribution Switchgear for Riser Pole,
Vault and Padmount Applications
•Switchgear Automation and Source Transfer Packages
•Underground Arresters
•Underground Cable Accessories for 5 to 35kV,
including Elbows, Joints and Terminations
Cable Accessories
Fisher Pierce
• Faulted Circuit Indicators, Voltage and Current Sensors
•Current-Limiting Fuses for Overhead and Underground
Transformers and Capacitor Banks
• Low-Voltage Power Distribution Connectors
for Underground Applications
•Network Transformer Connectors
•Substation Connectors
•Cable Splices
• Temporary Service Adapters
•Smart Crab
Network Connectors
• EZ-Keeper
Transformer Connector Series
•RAB 1/0 Series Connectors
Transformer Connectors
•Surge Protection Devices
Joslyn Hi-Voltage
•Capacitor Switches
•Air Disconnect Switches and Interrupter Attachments
• Tool Service, Loaner and Leasing Programs
Additional services & training
•Onsite NEC
Update Training
•Onsite Grounding & Bonding Training
• Free Online CAD Library for Downloadable 2D and 3D Models
• T&B
Mobile Solutions Team
As of 2008, about 53%
of the utilities industry
workforce was age 45
or older; many of these
workers will either retire
or prepare to retire
within the next 10 years.
– U.S. Bureau
of Labor Statistics
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