Space Savings
In power delivery applications where space is limited,
compact electrical equipment and systems are
required. Space-saving designs:
• Ensure sufficient operating clearance
• Accommodate load growth within the existing
available space
• Enable you to retrofit older equipment without altering
the surrounding infrastructure
The old adage that bigger is better does not hold true
in all cases. For instance, compact substation footprints
bring cost reductions during construction, operations
and maintenance, have less environmental impact and
limit the use of components that have high failure rates.
Consequently, the utility benefits from lower life cycle
costs and improved availability.
In the power transmission and distribution industry’s
pursuit of a better grid, opportunities for devices that
work well in confined spaces — above ground and
underground, outdoors and indoors — are growing.
Thomas & Betts offers space-saving and modular
solutions for fusing, connectors and switchgear.
Cable Accessories
Transformer Connectors
Cable Accessories
• When stacking 600A elbows, ComboT
saves 2.7"
of space for every two elbows
• Allow for more operating clearance in confined vaults
• Can be installed in existing switchgear without the
need for larger enclosures
Distribution Switchgear
• Compact and modular designs allow for smaller
footprint and field assembly inside tight vaults
• Suitable for submersible installations and can
be installed in any position
• Uses solid EPDM as the insulating media, making
it maintenance-free and environmentally friendly —
no oil, no gas
• Field upgradable to accommodate changes required
by Smart Grid and compatible with Schweitzer
electronic controls
Transformer Connectors
• Compact bar design fits double the connections in
the same space inside the transformer and halves the
cantilever stresses
• Easy to install; all screws are on top and a
" hex
wrench does it all — including the streetlight outlet
• Dual-rated for copper and aluminum conductors
Distribution Switchgear
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