Services & Training
Managing and retaining a skilled workforce in the
transmission and distribution industry is a greater
challenge now than it has been in the past. Three
primary trends are affecting employee retention:
• High attrition
• Aging workforce
• Skills gap
For decades, the power delivery industry operated
with incremental and relatively minor changes to its
systems and processes. Employees became experts
at their responsibilities and enjoyed long careers with
their utility.
Now, new devices and systems are streaming
into the market, designed to add intelligence and
automation throughout the power delivery chain.
From transmission and distribution to the substations
and service entrance, innovations are transforming
the way power is delivered. Baby Boomer employees
are working to adapt to the changes or heading into
retirement. Younger employees entering this highly
sophisticated field require experience that is not
taught in schools.
Because the recent technological advancements
require specialized training, power delivery utilities
are increasingly relying on manufacturers like
Thomas & Betts to provide high-tech electrical
product training, services and support.
Thomas & Betts
Mobile Solutions Team
Joslyn Hi-Voltage
Field Services Group
Thomas & Betts
Grounding & Bonding
Tool Programs
• The QTP program provides a guaranteed two-week
shipment of Blackburn
• Configurator enables special connectors to be
designed with a guaranteed two-week shipment
• Product specification specialists and the Mobile
Solutions team train in the proper use and installation
of Blackburn
and Homac
• Inside Tech Support group provides 24/7/365
expertise for Blackburn
• Tool service and loaner and tool leasing programs
• Power & High Voltage Field Service group provides
field maintenance for Joslyn Hi-Voltage
Current-Limiting Fuses
• Power & High Voltage Field Service group provides
field maintenance for Hi-Tech
Additional Services & Training
• Onsite Grounding & Bonding Training
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