Power Quality, Efficiency & Reliability
Joslyn Hi-Voltage
Capacitor Switches
Fisher Pierce
Faulted Circuit
The transmission and distribution industry’s foremost
challenge is to provide reliable, quality power. In
today’s electronics-oriented culture, it is virtually
impossible for a power loss or power quality
disturbance to go unnoticed, and the risks
to the utility are great:
• Power quality disturbances cause equipment
damage and blackouts
• Improper power factor control sacrifices energy
• Unreliable electric service reduces customer satisfaction
and affects rates that T&D utilities can charge
Power delivery utilities must operate safely and with
minimal impact on the population and environment
even as they adapt to growing populations and
expanding businesses in their service area. Smart
Grid initiatives target improvements in reliability
and efficiency. For example, new regulations and
recommendations designed to reduce peak demand
and control load flow are moving the industry toward
greater energy efficiency. Enabling monitoring and
control capabilities enhances energy efficiency and
system reliability, including distribution automation
volt/VAR control, fault detection, overcurrent
protection and demand-reduction programs.
Surge Protection
Surge Protection Devices
• Facility-wide protection: service entrance to equipment level
• Proprietary designs and individually fused MOVs maximize
performance and reliability
• Multiple voltage configurations with available surge ratings
of 25kA to 400kA
• Listed to UL
1449 3rd Edition; RoHS compliant
Distribution Switchgear
• Solid EPDM insulating media makes it maintenance-
free and environmentally friendly — no oil, no gas
• Compact, modular, field-upgradable design enables
smaller footprint and field assembly inside tight vaults
Faulted Circuit Indicators
• Adaptive trip reset logic reduces inventory and
eliminates the need to replace FCIs as load changes
• Temporary fault detection option to help locate
nuisance temporary faults
Current-Limiting Fuses
• Greatly reduce energy let-through, minimizing the risk
of catastrophic failures
• Interrupting capabilities up to 50,000A
Capacitor Switches
• Vacuum interruption and solid-dielectric insulation
translate into maintenance-free and environmentally
friendly designs — no oil, no gas
• Exclusive Vacstat
vacuum interrupter monitoring
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